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Whizzing by while standing still
Time to waste and time to kill
Lazy as a busy bee
Idle productivity

Kicking goals and scoring nil
Climbing up and down the hill
Round and round along the straight
Opening the closing gate

Meaningless profundity
A heathen blessing unto me
Oh miserable happiness
The void that fills my emptiness


Little girl, where are you
Why’d you miss our rendezvous
Would’ve loved to parlez vous
But now you never were

Little boy, meek and mild
Brave and strong or rough and wild
Still, you would have been my child
But now you never were

Guileless mother, precious load
Paid the Beast a debt not owed
Solemn in your fading glow
It’s like you never were

The Bampyre

Here’s one that’s a little left-field. It’s an idea I had for a children’s story called The Bampyre. The basic premise deals with a little vampire who trips and breaks his fangs, so he can’t dvink ze bluhd (nor pronounce “vampire”). While failing miserably at nibbling on a friendly cow, said bovine sympathises and takes Bampyre on a journey to find something else to fill his stomach.

Yeah, the story is a little bit morbid, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. What I have yet to decide is whether the writing will take the form of poetry or prose.

Here are some attempts at character design and a mock layout:

Some general sketches. Trying to make sure it works in 3D.

A more cartoony look, although it's clearly drifting into South Park territory.

It's gonna be fun -and- educational!

What do you think? Does this have the makings of a children’s classic?

The City

Here’s the other poem that I mentioned before. The reason why it took so long is because I couldn’t find an image that I was happy with. In the end I drew one myself. Shame the scan’s a bit shabby though.

The City

Gaze upon yon city, said the husband to his wife
See her marvellous spires, her luscious gardens!
I long to soar in the joys of her festivals!
I want to dance in her streets!
I desire to know her mind!
Gaze upon yon city and rejoice!
For it will soon be mine, and I will call her home

Gaze upon yon city, said the wife to her husband
See her mounds of waste, her fetid sewers!
Have you plumbed the depths of her sorrows?
Have you fought in her streets?
Can you trust her heart?
Gaze upon yon city and despair!
For it will never be yours, and you will never call her home


I’ve been sitting on a couple of poems while I worked through my travel posts. Here’s the first one, called simply Jack:

I’m a jack-of-all-trades but a master of none
Many trades I have learned, many deeds have I done
I can fiddle the fiddle and cobble a shoe
Anything you think of I likely can do

I’m a real Mr. Fix-It, always down on my knees
I can help with your plumbing, even speak some Chinese
In need of a favour? You just have to ask
I’m ready and willing to perform every task

I’m the salt of the earth, can I give you a hand?
I don’t want your money, do you not understand?
I toil and I strive and exist just to please
I take all your troubles and give back only ease

I know you have problems, I know you’re in need
I insist that you tell me, do not make me plead
No do not deny me, you must not withhold
I’ll not let you keep me out here in the cold

I’ll do it, I’ll show you, believe me it’s true
When everything’s done there’ll be nothing askew
This cut? Ah it’s nothing, a bandage is fine
A risk in my business, occurs all the time

So what if it doesn’t look much like the picture
They use funny lighting to fool and to trick ye
I followed the manual right down to the letter
I don’t think that you could’ve done any better

It might not be perfect, I gave it my best
It’s not all that crooked, please don’t get depressed
I really am sorry, but when all’s said and done
I’m a jack-of-all-trades but a master of none

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