My Best Friend’s Wedding

Yesterday, my very good friend Benjamin Lee was married to Joanne Low. The ceremony was very nice, and despite threats of showers, the sun shone magnificently throughout the day, with only a brief spate of rain at the reception, during which we were all safely inside the marquee.

Caption contestSpeaking of which, this rather ugly photo of me was taken mid-conversation – I have no idea what I was talking about. Whatever it was, I (right) seem to be rather blase about it, and Tom and Jenni (left) looked a bit concerned. So anyway, feel free to come up with captions and post them in the comments. No prizes, unfortunately, except a rare opportunity to ridicule me in public without fear of retribution.

Hmm.. and no lyrics this time, but I’m pretty sure you know the song I had in mind when I wrote this post (hint: the title might have something to do with it…)