My room is never dark

My room is never dark. Even at night, I have my own personal constellation of lights twinkling away, pushing back the void, preventing me from being consumed by the velvet blackness. The twinkling of my cable modem constantly flashing its presence on my desk. The stark white digits on my DVD player always showing the time – counting away the minutes and hours of my passing even while I am not awake to know it – proof of time’s passing while I am unconscious. The standby lights on my TV and computer – a reminder of the convenants I have with the machines that they will spring to life at my beck and call, soldiers always ready for battle – or in my case, entertainment.

Nature is never totally dark. By day we have the sun, by night the moon and stars. Even in the deepest depths of the oceans or the furthest caves, life brings light. Phospherescent fungi and luminous fish all work together to banish the dark from all the corners of the Earth.

In the beginning, God said “let there be light” and so there was, is and always will be.