I was just reading my previous post about the laptop and I realised that if you’re actually bothering to follow my blog-life, I haven’t really provided any closure about that whole laptop affair, and closure is important to people with melancholic dispositions and the like. Without it they go crazy and get depressed and do silly things like listen to heavy metal music (or Celine Dion… I can’t decide which is worse).

Well since it’s getting a bit late and I have an early start tomorrow, I’ll keep it brief.

There was a whole debacle involving my debit card being billed twice, and then they took down my address wrong, so it was almost mis-delivered but for the vigilant actions of our most excellent mail staff. It’s a pity that none of them will be reading this blog, and also that none of them are in any position to help me boost my social, financial or any other status. Suffice to say I need not dwell too much longer on how great they are, ‘coz I’m not getting anything out of it.

Right. Ahem.

So yeah, at the time of writing, my dear Jenny is now the proud new owner of what must be the most sexy little black laptop ever, and I’m still awaiting the outcome of an escalation/complaint into why the heck my order was so stuffed up.

So there. Closure. (Well except for the bit about the escalation, but that’s what’s known in the industry as a cliffhanger, in order to trap you into coming back to find out what happens next. Mwahahahaha…)