Tulips at the Floriade, CanberraI’ve put up a photo album with pictures of our recent trip to Canberra. My bro was in town for some training and wanted to catch up with one of his mates in Canberra, and it just so happened that we wanted to go to the Floraide. So while Eddie was off doing whatever it was he ended up doing, we spent the day at the show and took a whole bunch of cool photos.

During the drive up and back, we were playing this game where we took the letters of the alphabet and tried to name as many famous people as possible, whose (first) names started with that letter. For example, for “A” you could say Angelina Jolie, Arthur Conan Doyle, Angie Hart, etc. The last person to be able to name a name was declared the winner of the round. Naturally, I was kicking ass. So anyway we were going on for a while, and then we got to “J”, and we went through the usual (Jennifer Lopez, Jacques Cousteau, etc.) and then Jenny let rip most emphatically with “Jack Migger!” Hehe… yeah, she suffers a mild case of spoonerisms.

Back to Floriade then. The weather was fantastic, and they had free entertainment. One of the performances was this weirdo troupe who balanced on wobbly sticks and swayed to and fro to old style music while doing pantomime-type stuff. It was pretty cool to watch, ‘coz they were interacting with the audience quite a lot too, plus the music was cool.

Enjoy the photos.