Beating the ol’ drum

My blogs have heart... and a pulse. Yeah, needs work.Things never quite go the way you think, do they? Last year I started a couple of new blogs to complement this one: GeekReads, supposed to be a blog about books that I enjoyed reading, ended up reviewing more movies than books; and THRIFTerrific, which started out as a place for me to show everybody how to be a tight-ass, ended up as more of a general Internet lifestyle blog. This left cyberseraphic free for me to use to focus on the art of writing, but amounted to not much more than a couple of depressing poems and some pictures of Transformers.

Reflecting upon the stats from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, it seems that the thing I do best is choosing and tagging images. My blogs rank consistently high in image-related searches, and visits are almost entirely from people looking for various pictures. If image clicks paid like pay-per-click ads, I’d probably be turning a buck from my efforts.

Notable (blogging) achievements from last year include the redesign, which I’m pretty happy with. I’m greatly indebted to my friend Jan for the logo execution – I’ll get around to putting it on a t-shirt one day, mate – as well as Rodrigo Galindez for the theme, and also for popping by to leave a comment. I’m very happy with the result, and glad to have moved on from the dull grey/black theme that I was previously using.

One other thing that I’m proud is my post rate. If blog posts were heartbeats then you could say that my blogs were barely alive in 2009. Hopefully this year I’ll be able to turn that into a pulse. A fitting analogy, since Jenny always encourages me to post more from my heart than from my mind. Har har.

At any rate (ah! I crack myself up), I hope you’ve been enjoying my various ramblings and look forward to more, because the words, they are a-flowing :-)