What a big waste!

Damaged iMac computer

Just needs a bit of a wipe…

Australia’s still going through one of the greatest natural disasters in living memory, and my thoughts and prayers are with those affected, either directly, or indirectly through friends, families and acquaintance. While not trying to gloss over the magnitude of this tragedy, I’d like to bring up an issue that’s got me wondering: as the clean-up effort begins we’re constantly shown footage of diligent volunteers carrying away flood-damaged stuff by the truckload. Where are they taking it all?

Storage issues aside, surely not all of it is irredeemable? On previous occasions I’ve mentioned my affinity for garbage and fixing things. In another life I’d absolutely jump on the opportunity to go up to Queensland and spend my days going through the mountain of refuse, cleaning what can be cleaned, fixing that which can be fixed, and recycling the rest to the greatest possible extent. The goods could then be either: returned to the people of Queensland (although that begs the question of who gets what); donated to those who are in need; or sold and the profits returned to flood victims.

It would be a massive waste (literally!) if it all ended up as landfill.

Do you think it’s worth trying to salvage stuff?


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feber.com – Bränd iMac fortfarande fungerande