Has anybody else ever wondered why public toilets are designed in a way that’s opposite to the way that humans behave? Viz: the male stereotype is that we are solitary, antisocial creatures yet urinals are largely open affairs. That leads to a mathematical conundrum as to the optimal spacing that minimises the possibility of accidentally (or even intentionally) seeing another man’s junk through a sideways glance.

Women on the other hand, are supposed to be social creatures, with a persistent stereotype that they go to the toilet together in pairs or packs. They love checking each other out, although of course you’d never get one to admit it, yet they’re forced into separate cubicles. Admittedly this arrangement does allow for handbag hooks on the doors, which I’m told comes in handy.

Is there any logical reason why “socially sensible toilets” aren’t more common?

To finish on a completely random note: they’ve installed squat toilets at Adelaide University (video):