The Bampyre

Here’s one that’s a little left-field. It’s an idea I had for a children’s story called The Bampyre. The basic premise deals with a little vampire who trips and breaks his fangs, so he can’t dvink ze bluhd (nor pronounce “vampire”). While failing miserably at nibbling on a friendly cow, said bovine sympathises and takes Bampyre on a journey to find something else to fill his stomach.

Yeah, the story is a little bit morbid, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. What I have yet to decide is whether the writing will take the form of poetry or prose.

Here are some attempts at character design and a mock layout:

Some general sketches. Trying to make sure it works in 3D.

A more cartoony look, although it's clearly drifting into South Park territory.

It's gonna be fun -and- educational!

What do you think? Does this have the makings of a children’s classic?