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Monaco luxury car crash

A very expensive accident in Monte Carlo, Monaco, involving several luxury cars - caused by a woman (

When it comes to gizmos and gadgets, women are usually less enthusiastic than men, with computers, electronics, and, well… machines generally being seen as the domain of males. They also have a reputation (however undeserved) for being bad drivers, yet when it comes to car ads “single female owner” is lauded as the epitome of custodianship and care. It makes no sense – a car owned and driven by a woman is more likely to have been involved in an accident, is not mechanically well-looked after, and – if you compare the state of the interior of Jenny’s car to mine on any given day – contain a mess of girly stuff (water bottles, shoes and other fashion detritus, etc.)

Now that I’m commuting to work, we don’t need two cars and I’m considering selling my Corolla. With the above in mind, here’s the ad I plan on using:

For sale: 2003 Toyota Corolla Ascent, Silver, Manual, Hatchback
Single geek owner. Maintained with OCD-level meticulousness; full service history with Toyota dealership despite otherwise sound financial judgement; always used the most efficient route to get from A to B (low kms); never crashed, although bodywork does contain minor dings and scratches as a result of skirmishes with malicious inanimate objects such as parking-lot pillars – but no structural damage to chassis; wind-screen wipers, air-con, etc. – used extremely sparingly in a questionable attempt at minimising wear-and-tear; I have never: done a handbrake turn, drifted around a corner, cut off other drivers and gave them the finger, had sex in the car. $7000 ONO.

Do you think it’ll work?